Our fundamental service is servicing YOU! The form that takes, however, varies widely based on a project’s needs.

We believe that great design starts with a blank canvas and lots of big ideas.  Listening, dreaming, challenging, going outside the box – those are the building blocks of great ideas and innovation.

Today’s technology has the potential to dramatically improve operations, enhance experiences, and reduce costs.  Unified communications, soft client phones, workspace hoteling, browser-based conferencing.

Great ideas don’t become great realities without a rigorous and detailed design process. We understand the need to backup those ideas with properly developed and documented designs.

Successful implementation of today’s complex technology systems requires careful coordination starting at the planning stages of the project and continuing through to system acceptance.

Having been involved in the earliest stages of the project when systems were still big ideas, we believe it’s important to maintain project involvement until the last system is finished and delivered.